Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adios Moustache

I'm not ashamed that I have a female moustache.  No, not ashamed, but if I could wish that darn moustache away I would.  But since that's not likely to happen, I'm left with figuring how to get rid of my hairy situation on my own.  I used to get it waxed/sugared.  But it always broke me out, and by the time my skin healed, my hair would be growing back in.  arghh!!!  So for awhile I left it....and tried to convince my self that it isn't THAT bad.  And it isn't, it's just sort of annoying, like a hangnail, you know what I mean?  It's there, you try to ignore it, but it just keeps bugging you.

So, I drove to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked out 3 facial hair remover kits.

I picked these 3 products based on ads I'd seen and mentions in some of the beauty magazines that I read.

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo.  $32.99 (CAD)  This was the priciest of the 3 products.  It's a depilatory type of product.  It is designed for fine to medium hair (which is the exact type of hair that I was trying to remove).  The box claims that there is up to 12 uses.  It comes with a skin guarding balm that you apply first over the area that you're removing hair from.  Then you apply the hair removal cream, wait 6 - 10 minutes, wipe off and you are supposed to be hair free.  Does it work?  Well not on me it didn't!  If you ever tried to light a bbq the wrong way and ended up singeing your brows, well that is exactly what you end up like with this product.  The balm protects you skin, but the hair removal cream seemed to have "burnt" off my facial hairs.  It looked and felt nasty.  For $32.99 this product was a total waste of money for me!  Strike 1.

Veet Face Ready to Use Wax Strips.  I got them on sale for $11.89.  On the box, it claims to be ideal for small and delicate facial areas like the upper lip.  Works best on short hair.  And contains vitamin E and sweet almond oil to help protect the skin.  The pack contains 6 wax packets, that you warm by rubbing it between your hands then you pull the strips apart, and you have 2 wax strips.  Plus it also comes with 3 perfect finish wipes to wipe off any extra goop, oops I mean wax off of your face.  Does it work?  These strips have a lot of wax on them and I struggled with it.  I had wax all over my mouth, thank god for the wipes, but why the hell do they only give you 3?!??!  Bottom line for me on this one, I had more wax on my face then I had hairs pulled out on the strips.  Strike 2.

Veet High Precision Facial Wax.  I got it on sale for $6.79.  This product is specifically designed for eyebrows and upper lip.  Claims to have 20 + applications.  It comes with the tube of wax, 20 wax strips and a precision stick.  You heat the tube of wax in warm/hot water.  I put hot water in a cup (but NOT boiling water) in a mug, set the tube in it and let it sit there for 1 minute.  It spreads easily and compared to the other 2 products I tried, it actually removed hairs!  You have to make sure that the wax gets warmed up enough.  I tried it once with just running warm water in the sink and letting the tube sit in the warm water for a minute and it didn't work as well.  You can actually see the hair on the strips, which for some strange reason makes me feel like I've accomplished something good.  I kind of think that it is best for fine, peach fuzz kind of hair.  If your facial hair is coarse then I don't think this wax is strong (not sure if that's the best word to use) enough to rip out that type of hair.  Bottom line:  I would use this product again.  It works (maybe not perfectly) way better then the other 2 products and it's easy to use.  And a pretty decent price too.  But in all honesty.  None of the products removes the hair like a professional wax job.  There's a reason why they are professionals.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PEI Surf Wedding

There is only on place in the entire world that I want to be during the summer, and that place is on any of the beaches, here on PEI.  I've been lucky enough to have been able to do some travelling in my lifetime, and in my humble opinion, there's just no other beach like home!

And I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only Islander who feels this way.  That's why our group of talented wedding vendors decided to create a beautiful PEI surf styled wedding.  Although PEI is not known to be a traditional "surfing" mecca (like Hawaii), PEI is well known for other types of "surfing", like windsurfing and kite surfing.

And honestly, we just love showcasing PEI as a wedding destination!

Click here to see the entire shoot on the Style Me Pretty Canada site.

The "Brides" Makeup
I wanted "Amy" (otherwise known as Emily) to have a warm, golden bronzed beach makeup, that was beachy but still sophisticated. She has gorgeous green eyes, so I used a warm golden eyeshadow (MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow) and a brown eyeliner (MAC Dipdown fluidline) to play up her eyes, and a golden bronzer to emphasize her amazing cheek bones.  I finished the look with a light coat of golden peach lip gloss by FACE Atelier.

Special thanks to all the wedding vendors who made this shoot happen!

Modern Jane Design - Jane Gallant - Event Design/Concept
Kim Roach Design - Kim Roach - Wedding Stationary & Paper Products
Rachel Peters Photography - Rachel Peters - Photography
Michelle Cudmore Makeup Artist - Michelle Cudmore - Makeup Artist
Cheryl Weeks Hairstylist - Cheryl Weeks - Hairstylist
Kiss The Bride - Jennifer Clark - Event Coordination
City View Bakehouse - Jennifer Prinz - Cake, Treats, Sweets
Love Charlie - Alisha Stephen - Custom Arm Bracelets

The Perfect Pear Bridal - Kelly Moorehead - Bride's Dress + Shoes
Dow's Menswear - Groom pants + shirt
Norton's Jewellers - Peter Norton - rings
Hearts & Flowers - Flowers
JJ Stewart's Root Beer - PEI Root Beer
The Orange Lunch Box - Food items