Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's finally here!  Happy Halloween everyone!  No snow or hail tonight but I'm glad I had my down jacket and gloves on when we went trick or treating with the girls.  So after doing what feels like a kazillion different makeup looks on the kids since about mid September, they finally decided this morning that they would stick with the original plan of being a vampire and zombie.

So here they are just before heading out for trick or treating:

Stephen stayed home to hand out treats this year.  He was dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, but I forgot to take a picture of him (oops!).  Sorry honey!  But I did take a picture of our spooky entrance.   Pumpkins carved by my darling vampire and zombie.  You can't tell by the picture, but those 4 pumpkins must have been given some superduper growing fertilizer.  They are the biggest pumpkins we've ever had.  I could barely lift them!

And inside, where the yummy candies are handed out!

It's now 8:30 pm, Halloween officially ended 30 minutes ago.  The kids are heading to bed, wired from candy, I'm sure it will be awhile before they actually fall asleep.  We had to tear them away from their loot bags,  here is how they left it for the night!

So tomorrow I'll be packing away decorations and my halloween costumes, accessories and special effects.  I'll have a few days to unwind but then I'll be gearing up for my trip to Toronto this weekend.  But more about that on another post!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fair & Other Stuff

Wow, what a busy and crazy day!  The Fall Fair started at 10 am and I swear I never had a chance to look up and glance around me till 1pm!  It was non stop face painting and halloween makeup for the school kids.

Here's some pictures from the fair.  I always look so serious when I'm doing makeup but I really am having fun!

So my makeup look for the day was kind of spider web inspired.  I found my dress at the Green Man Vintage store on University Avenue, in Charlottetown and it has a really cool silver web like design at the shoulders.  I thought it would go perfect with a web like eyeshadow look.  Here is a closer look of my "Face of the day" :)

Then I had some Halloween makeup applications for the adults who are going out partying tonight.  I LOVE doing Halloween makeup for people because people who dress up for Halloween tend to be  really fun people.  And this afternoon proved me right.  I had so much fun doing everyone's makeup.  I don't have any photos to show.  They weren't in full costume so just a makeup look with out hair and costume looks kinda lame.  Maybe I can convince them to share some photos from their parties on another post!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween Eve!  (I hope the snow goes away!!!!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party - Round 2

Two more nights till Halloween, but that doesn't stop my little goblins from partying it up!  They each had a different party to go to tonight so there was lots of makeup applying and driving around.

It didn't help that I forgot one of the party gifts and had to return home to get it and then half way to the other party I realized I forgot the house number and had to drive home again a second time to get the directions!

But the day is done, kids are in bed, one still has half her makeup on, and it's soon time for me to curl up on the couch with a glass of vino!

I'll share one of the makeup looks from tonight with you.  This one was inspired by makeup guru Julia's corpses bride.  She's looking a little too happy in this picture but I thought it was such a sweet picture of her, I had to post it!

This one looks a little more sad, and corpses bride like!

Tomorrow is the Fall Fair for our school.  It's our one and only school fundraiser and I'll be manning the face painting and halloween makeup table.  It's going to be a crazy day!  I'll let you know how it all goes...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Makeup Haul

Ok, it's confession time.  My name is Michelle, and I'm a Halloweenaholic.  Do I need a 10 step program?  Maybe.  From the middle of September till October 31st, I can't go into any type of a store with out buying Halloween makeup, or something Halloween related.

It doesn't matter what store it is, I can find something there that I could use for a costume, or some Halloween look that I'm scheming up in my head.  Yes that includes grocery stores (I've found some good deals on false lashes there), thrift stores (a Halloween mecca around here), pharmacies and the handy ol' Walmart.

So yesterday I went to Walmart to pick up the treats that we'll be handing out to the neighbourhood kiddies this year, and I ended up coming home with this...

I'm looking forward to trying out the Fantasy Makers kits by Wet n Wild.  They come with reusable stencils, a cream glitter palette with some really pretty mettalic shades, and a black eye liner pencil.  The kit on the top left is called Devilish Diva and the one below is Gilded Angel.  I also got some latex horns, some fangs and lots of cream makeup, glitter gel and of course some fake blood.

And here are some of my false lashes finds for Halloween:

From Zellers:  (These are actually really pretty!  And some of these even have lower lashes too!)

 From Value Village I found these cheap 'n cheerfuls:

And finally from Shoppers Drug Mart I found these wacky ones:

I've been busy all month doing up some fun Halloween looks, and this week is crazy BUSY!!!

My daughters had their Spooktacular party at school today.  One was a vampire and the other a zombie.  So we were up bright and earlier this morning getting their hair and makeup done.  They looked awesome for a quick 15 min session.  If I had more time it could have looked better, but I can't imagine their teachers being ok with them coming in late because I was doing their makeup.

So the rest of my week looks like this:  2 costume parties on Friday that I am doing makeup for, our schools Fall Fair on Saturday morning where I am doing Halloween makeup and face painting from 10am - 1pm and then some makeup appointments in the afternoon for clients.  And of course doing up the girls on Sunday night for trick or treating.

What are you doing this weekend???  Anyone getting dressed up and heading out?  Let me know what your dressing up as, I love hearing all about your costumes.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My First Post!

Hello makeup lovers!

I'm a newbie to the blogger world, but I'm really excited about joining in on this amazing on line community and share my thoughts on everything makeup and more.