Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fair & Other Stuff

Wow, what a busy and crazy day!  The Fall Fair started at 10 am and I swear I never had a chance to look up and glance around me till 1pm!  It was non stop face painting and halloween makeup for the school kids.

Here's some pictures from the fair.  I always look so serious when I'm doing makeup but I really am having fun!

So my makeup look for the day was kind of spider web inspired.  I found my dress at the Green Man Vintage store on University Avenue, in Charlottetown and it has a really cool silver web like design at the shoulders.  I thought it would go perfect with a web like eyeshadow look.  Here is a closer look of my "Face of the day" :)

Then I had some Halloween makeup applications for the adults who are going out partying tonight.  I LOVE doing Halloween makeup for people because people who dress up for Halloween tend to be  really fun people.  And this afternoon proved me right.  I had so much fun doing everyone's makeup.  I don't have any photos to show.  They weren't in full costume so just a makeup look with out hair and costume looks kinda lame.  Maybe I can convince them to share some photos from their parties on another post!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween Eve!  (I hope the snow goes away!!!!)

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