Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach Waves and Wavy Hair Are NOT The Same Thing

This is mostly a makeup blog, but every now and then I feel passionate enough about something else that I really feel the need to blog about.  And today I really feel the need to blog about beach waves.  Beach waves and glamour waves are 2 totally different things and it drives me crazy when you see pictures in magazines of these beautiful girls with beautiful glamorous waved hair and they are calling them beach waves.  They are so not beach waves!  Hello magazine people, have you ever even been to a beach?  Have you ever seen a single person at the beach whose hair looked like this pic below?  Um, the answer to that is a big fat NO!  This picture is from the Who What Wear Beauty blog, which I love that blog, but I am shaking my head at this post this morning because this is so not beach hair.  Not even close!

Now these pictures, on the other hand, are perfect examples of beach hair.  Beach hair is not soft and shiny.  It's gritty and dirty and messy and tousled and imperfectly perfect.  The best way to get beach hair is to drive to your nearest beach, go for a swim, towel off and viola!  Perfect beach waves.  If you don't live close to a beach, then spray your dry (not freshly shampooed) hair with a either a beach spray product or make one yourself (check out my DIY below).  And that is it!  Ah, it's so simple really.  Forget the blow dryers and curling irons, that just defeats the purpose.

 How to make your own beach wave spray:
Fill a spray bottle with 8 oz of water
Add 1 to 2 tsp of sea salt (not table salt)
Add 1 tsp of either coconut oil or olive oil.  This helps moisturize your locks from the drying effects of the salt
You can also add some essential oils if you'd like to add some scent to your spray.
Shake the bottle, spritz all over, scrunch your hair and you are done!


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