Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall 2011 Makeup Trends

I hate to say it, but I can feel the fall air moving in.  And that has me thinking about what's trendy for makeup this fall.

The three major makeup trends that I have been seeing are:
1.  feline shaped eyes with winged eye liner, which I adore.
2.  colourful smokey eyes, which I adore.
3.  and bold, bright red lips, again which I adore.
Bottom line, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun this fall!

Red Lips 

Bold glossy red at MAC

Estee Lauder featuring bold red matte lips

Colourful Smokey Eye Shadows

Chanel's smokey gray eye look with their new Illusions D'Ombres

Dior's blue smokey eye for fall.  And I love the blue nail polish too!

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 smokey eye.  I think I'm in love with this ad!

NARS is focusing on the colour blue but with a feline, winged out shape

Feline Eyes

NARS makes the feline eye look ultra sexy!

Lancome doing the bold red lip plus the feline shaped eye liner.  Love it!

Who's on board for the fall 2011 trends?  Are you loving or loathing them?


  1. Hey Michelle,

    Every time I use eyeliner and I "attempt" to do a wing, it always ends up smudging, running, etc. What kind of eye liner do you recommend??

  2. I use MAC fluidline and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners. Both are a gel/cream like consistency and I find them the best to use for winged liner. Liguid liners can be tricky and pencils will only smudge. :)

  3. i personally think Fall/Winter is all about red lips and dark eyes [by dark, i mean purple, brown, grey, black] It's always been my staples in fall/winter because in spring/summer i always think brights :D