Sunday, October 30, 2011

My 2011 Halloween Costume

When I was a little girl, I loved watching Mr. Dress Up on television every weekday morning.  Canadians of a certain age, I know you're with me on this.  But for those of you who don't know who Mr. Dress Up was, he's a man who lived with a puppet Casey and his puppet dog Finnegan.  Yes it sounds a bit strange, but believe me, it worked.  Anyhow, what I loved most about Mr Dress Up was his tickle trunk.  Again, I know it sounds weird, but stay with me here.   So he had this trunk full of costumes, and every day he would dress up in a different costume - and I loved it!!!

So my Mom started her own tickle trunk in our basement when we were young.  In it was a crazy mix of her old clothes from the 60's, her old wigs (my Mom wore wigs in the 60's), some homemade costumes, and those terrible face masks with the eyes cut out of them.  

So long story short, I credit Mr Dress Up for my undying love of Halloween.  It's the one day a year that's ok to dress up in crazy costumes.  And now I have my very own tickle trunk (minus the yucky, sweaty face masks) full of wigs (some of them I inherited from my Mom) and costumes.  And my kids, although they have no idea who Mr Dress Up is, love going through my tickle trunk, trying on all the costumes and wigs.

Now my husband, he's not anti Halloween, but he's just kinda neutral on the whole thing.  The very first year we were together I made him a blue lego man costume.  And he was a good sport and humoured me by wearing it.  I wish I knew where the pictures are, he probably threw them out!  Any way, his go to Halloween costume is Captain Jack Sparrow.  He was Captain Jack last year and he wanted to be Captain Jack again this year so I decided to go along with him this year and I dressed up as Angelica from On Stranger Tides (the Penelope Cruz character).  In terms of makeup difficulty it was super easy.  Just a dark smoky eye and nude lip.  I wore Velour Lashes in Are Those Real.  If it wear up to me I would have picked a more elaborate makeup based look that no one would even recognize me, but it's sometimes fun to dress up in matching couple costumes.

So here we are all dressed up for the Halloween party we were going to.  LOL, he's trying to make a pirate face ;)

Did you dress up last night?  What were your costumes?

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