Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stick On Makeup

Who came up with this stick on makeup trend?  I'm not sure who came out with it first,, I think it was the eyeshadow stickers.  What do you think of the trend?  Do you like the stick on makeup?  I think some of it is good, and some...not so good.

Stick on eyeshadow.  
I think sometimes good...sometimes not so good.  Can be a total hit or a major miss!

The stick on nail polish...I say amazing!  Thank you Sally Hansen! (and other brands)

Stick on eyeliners by Dior.
I'd like to try these out.  I like the concept.  I think it could be great for those who struggle with their eyeliner.  But does it stick on well enough, and how long does it last?  Is it hard to get off?  I'd like to research these more for sure.

OK, so I think these are the most out there of all the press on/stick on makeup.  Stick on lips.  I think these are awesome if you need a cool looking close up lip shot on a photo shoot.  But in real life, I think a lot of the patterns would look really odd at a distance....  BUT if you're the type who likes to push the boundaries in makeup, then I think these are great.  Totally depends on your makeup personality! 

Have your tried any of these trends or which ones would you like to try?  Let me know what you think!


  1. have you heard about the paper lashes?? those are weird, I saw them at Sephora.

    I'm not sure about the stick on nails, i've heard mixed feelings about Sally Hansen ones.

  2. I have heard of the paper lashes. I think they're cool for a photo shoot, harder to pull off for an every day look. As for the Sally Hansen stick ons, I actually like them b/c I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry and always end up messing them up before they dry.