Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Simply Stylish PEI Makeover Team & How It Works

Have you ever wished a team of beauty pros could swoop down from the sky and make you over from head to toe?  Well now it can happen!  Um, well maybe not the swooping from the sky part, but the make over part can definitely happen!

I have joined my makeup artist skills

with the amazingly talented Cheryl Weeks Hairstylist

and the equally talented Rachel Peters Photography.

So let me explain how the Simply Stylish PEI makeover works.

There are 6 easy steps to rediscovering your gorgeous self with the Simply Stylish PEI team.

Step One:  You call us up and book a makeover (902-393-5112) or email

Step Two:  We arrive at your home on the planned date and take a before photo of you.

Step Three:  Cheryl has a hair consultation with you.  Then she creates a beautiful hairstyle to suit your needs.  She also teaches you how to style your new do, and also goes through your hair products & tools and gives you recommendations on how to use them.

Step Four:  We go to your closet.  We determine your body shape with a mathematical analysis and tell you what style of clothing you should be wearing, and what you should be avoiding.  And then we help you select an outfit for your photo shoot with Rachel.

Step Five:  Once you're dressed you head to the makeup chair.  After a makeup consultation, I'll create a makeup look for you.  While I'm applying your makeup, I'll be teaching you how to do it as we go along.  I'll also record the makeup to a face chart so you can keep it and refer back to it when you are doing it on your own.  I'll also go through your makeup with you and tell you how to use it properly and what colours work for you and what colours don't.

Step Six:  Strike a pose!  It's picture time, and you will have nothing to worry about!!!  Rachel will make you feel so relaxed.  Honestly I know how it feels.  I hate getting my picture taken, and I feel 100% more comfortable behind the scenes then I do in front of the camera.  But when Rachel has taken my picture, I can truly say she makes me feel at ease and like I'm the most photogenic person in the world.  And the great part about it, she makes every woman feel that way!

Your makeover is now complete!  You'll have a new hairstyle, a new makeup look, you'll know what you should be wearing for your body shape, and you'll have the before and after photos of your magical transformation!  Best of all, you'll be able to take what you've learned from us and create your new look for yourself every day!


  1. I love the photos I want some too! Some one may have to drive me to you though! :)

  2. Pam, we'll come to you! That's the beauty of it :) You should totally do it!!!!!