Monday, June 13, 2011

Nicole by OPI Nail Apps

I just tried out the Nicole by OPI Nail Apps this weekend and I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you.

But before I do that I need to give you some history.  When I was in London about a month ago, a salesperson at Selfridges applied these nail polish strips and they were awesome.  BUT, I didn't buy them because the salesperson was a total jerk.  And now I am kicking my ass because after trying the Sally Hansen and now the OPI ones, the ones at Selfridges are way better, but I can't remember the brand name!  GRRRRR!!!!!  Anyone reading this from Britan, can you help me out???  Do you know what the brand name is???

I purchased the OPI Nail Apps in Argyle:

The flash from the camera blackened out the silver metallic parts to the apps...

Here is a better pic without a flash and minus the strips that I used to apply to my nails...

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the OPI Nail Apps.

The Good:
Super easy to apply
Funky designs to choose from
Easy to remove ( does not require nail polish remover, you just rub to warm them up and peel off from a corner)

The Not So Good:
I found these nail apps, thicker then the Sally Hansen ones so it felt more like a sticker then actual nail polish.
Like the Sally Hansen ones I found that the sizing of most them were too large for my nail beds so I had to trim down the sides, which was annoying
It really is only meant to last for one day, by the second day they were starting to lift around the edges and started to get caught in things.
They are more expensive then the Sally Hansen Nail Strips and the Sally Hansen has 2 sets in one package

Bottom Line:  I would not repurchase the OPI Nail Apps unless it was a super cool design that I couldn't resist, but I would repurchase the Sally Hansen ones.  And if I could ever find the ones that I found in Selfridges, I would definitely buy them this time!!!

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