Monday, April 25, 2011

Election Colours -NDP Orange

If you live in Canada right now, you'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't know there is a federal election happening May 2.  The last Canadian federal election had the lowest number of voters in Canadian history.  So in my small attempt to bring some extra awareness to the May 2 federal election, I've decided to post a blog series dedicated to each of the election party colours.

And in no specific order, (I swear!)  I decided to do NDP orange today.

So for all the NDP supporters out there, here is the look I came up with...

So don't forget to get out and vote on 
May 2nd!!!


  1. Love those eyes, yes I did vote in the advance pole of NDP.

  2. GORGEOUS, Michelle!

    I still have my earrings like this, they're my favourite. Do you know how I can get in touch with the artist and order more?

  3. Thanks Anonymous. Glad to hear you voted :)

  4. Hi Miss Pollock! Thanks for reading my blog post :)

    I love the ear rings too, I always get so many comments on them. I'll have to ask Cheryl if she has the contact info for the girl who makes them in Japan.

    Take Care!

  5. LOVE the earrings and you are a knockout in any and every eye colour!!! Jealous!!

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Just so you know, Miss Pollock is me, Shauna Pollock (from Kristjana's wedding last summer)!

    I blog with my students, hence the "Miss Pollock"!

  7. Hi Shauna, it took me a few seconds when I read your first email but I actually figured it out! I'm waiting to hear back from Cheryl and I'll get back to you about the earrings!