Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Met Celebrity Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson!!! (And more celebrity artist sightings!!!)

There is just so much I want to talk about with my recent IMATS Toronto trip, that I really felt the need to blog another post on it.  Some of you have been asking if I met any celebrity makeup artists.  And YES I DID!!!  I was in line bright and early Saturday morning and at the first booth, who did I run into....
EnKore Makeup and Pursebuzz!!!  I was such a goof, I could barely squeak out a word, but they were soooo nice, and they both said they liked my earrings :)  I just wish I wasn't so star struck and could string together an intelligent sentence or two.  (sigh)  Oh well, maybe next time I'll pull myself together.

Then the guest speaker on Saturday morning was....Kandee Johnson!!!  She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!  She is pretty in pictures as you may know, but I'm telling you, in real life that girl just sparkles!!!

There were over 300 people squeezed in to the main stage area, hanging off every word she said.  People were standing all over the place and out the door to catch a glimpse of her.  She actually broke the record for all IMATS shows!  What an amazing lady!  She has such a positive out look on life.  I just love her, even more then I did before :)  And here is one of the reasons why.  After she spoke, she had a meet and greet that started at 11 am, and the line up to meet her went, literally around the entire conference centre.  She sat in that directors chair (by the way she's pregnant!) for over 3 hours with no breaks, until she met every single one of her fans.  Don't you love her for that???  And I swear to God she was just as excited to see the last person as she was with the first!  Her energy needs to be bottled and sold.

Then there was Kevin James Bennett who presented "Tool Time"  (funny title, I know), and "The Perfect Complexion".

Dani Fonseca from Temptu presented "Airbrush For Runway"
 This look was one from this spring's runway but I forget which designer it was for...

And this is a picture of Vargas, a world renowned body painter, doing a demo.   His creations of the weekend were just amazing, you would swear the models were wearing clothes, but nope, it was just makeup!

This is Roque Cozzette from Kett Cosmetics, doing his magic on an airbrush demo at his booth.

And I also got to meet David Klasfeld from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, who is very sweet and very funny, but I was so into what he was saying, I forgot to take pictures!

I also met and chatted with Suzanne Patterson, an Emmy Award wining artist (who is a high def genius) and got lots of tips and tricks on high def makeup application.  She also presented "The Camera Ready Face" which was all about HD makeup application and I learned so much from her!

So that's who I saw at IMATS Toronto this year, it was so incredible to be there and see these amazing professionals first hand.  It's so inspiring and it makes me love my job even more.  I feel so lucky to work in such an incredible, fun and dynamic industry.

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