Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking back on the Brides of 2010

It's been such an amazing year for me as a makeup artist.  I can hardly believe that December is days away...  And it has me feeling kind of nostalgic and I can't help thinking of all the sweet and beautiful women I've been so lucky to meet and work with over the year.

I had an incredible group of brides (no "Bridezilla's" to be found) and I wanted to take the time and share with you some of the photos that they've shared with me.  Unfortunately I don't have photos of all the weddings I did this year, this is just a sampling.  (pst...if your reading this and I did your makeup and you want me to share some of your photos, I would love to in another post, just email them to me :) ).

These are in no particular order by the way...

My sweet "baby" sister got married this year and I had the pleasure of doing makeup for her and the entire (read super big) bridal party.  She & Marc loves a party!  It was a week long festivity that ended up being coined as "Marianne & Marc's Big Fat PEI Wedding"
Photo's of Marianne were taken by Jill Hardy

I had a lot of fun doing makeup for this group of women.  It was a small bridal party, just the bride's sister and Mom.  But they were having so much fun, it was contagious.  This was also one of those days where other relatives would stop by, see the makeup and then beg for me to squeeze them in too!  I did have time to squeeze in a few extra aunts!

Another beautiful bride and bridal party.  I LOVE the blue dresses.  So pretty.  This was an end of summer wedding, and again another beautiful PEI day.  The brides were so lucky with weather this year!  The bride was so calm...modern brides don't seem to be as nervous for some reason.
 And the black and white photos are always so romantic!
I can't remember the photographer, but if I find out, I'll let you know!

OK, this wedding was so much fun.  Not a single person was from PEI, it was a total "destination wedding"  and I had so much fun meeting this family!!!  I got to work with my good friend and hair dresser extraordinaire Cheryl.  We travelled out to their cottage early (I mean really early) in the morning and it was a hair and makeup whirl wind.  I did makeup for 9 women, and as you'll see from the photo of the bridal party picture below, they were a FUN group of girls!

 You can't really tell from these photos, but it was blowing a gale that day.  And I'm not exaggerating.  It was sunny but WINDY.  And they were getting married on the beach.  Crowbush Beach.  You have to live here to understand how windy it can get on our beaches.  We were somewhat nervous about losing the hair extensions.
 And the dress was amazing too.  It's hard to see all the details in these pictures but it was one of a kind!

The photographer for these pictures flew in for the wedding too.  She took all the photos on a film camera, no digital photos.  It turned out so romantic looking don't you think?



  1. Great post!! Your Brides are beautiful, and how lucky are they to have such a talented make up artist!!
    You have the best job, I am little jealous...but very happy for you!!

  2. Thanks Rhonda! I think it's a pretty awesome job too, sometimes I need to pinch myself ;)