Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Clothes!

So I forgot to mention that I did manage to squeeze in a full day of shopping for clothes while I was in Toronto.  I actually don't buy that much year round, I kind of save up till I go away to a larger city and then I kinda go a little crazy.

Yes, it looks like we went totally crazy, but in my defence, half of these are Tracy's!

We got up bright and early Friday morning, and were actually waiting for the stores to open their doors.  Desperate!  Our first stop was Over the Rainbow, oh how I love that store!  I pretty much found everything on my wish list there.  I found the most awesome pair of jeggings by Citizens of Humanity, and another pair of skinny jeans by Fidelity.  And I almost flipped out when I found my black leather Mackage jacket that I wanted so badly there.  Bought it on the spot!  And I can't believe this, cause I've resisted the trend for soooo long now, but now that I have my jeggings and skinny jeans, I bought a pair of Uggs!!!  And you know what?  Those damn things are sooooo comfortable.  I won't take them off.  Nope.  I may never put stilettos on again.  My feet will thank me!

This is a picture from the Mackage website of the jacket I purchased:

Oh!  And when I bought my jacket they gave me a free case of Stella beer glasses.  So I had a little gift to take home for my honey.  (Even though it was a total pain in the butt to cart those glasses around the airport all day on the way home!)

Our second stop was Second Time Around, it's a great little consignment store with some really great designers.  It can be hit or miss with sizes though.  My friend Tracy scored bags full of goodies, while I did not have so much luck with finding anything my size.  I did find a white cashmere Alexander MacQueen sweater that I fell instantly in love with.  I feel like I should be lounging in a ski chalet in Vail, or the Swiss Alps when I wear it!

Then on to Betsey Johnson.  I swear I was only there to help Tracy find a dress for Christmas, but those amazing sales girls kept giving me dresses to try on and I ended up buying the Bambi dress, a bath robe and an awesome little belt.  Oops!

This is a picture of the Bambi dress.  I know it's out there, but I loved how it fit and it made my legs look awesome.  And you know when you put something on and you feel a jolt of something magical?  Well that's what I feel when I wear it.  When I first met my husband he used to call me Dharma from the TV show Dharma and Greg.  Well, he is a total "Greg" and I guess I do have some Dharma tendencies:)

I pretty much got everything on my list except for black boots.  I just could not find anything that fit the picture I have in my head.  I hate it when that happens!  Well there was a pair that fit the bill, but they were Prada at Holt Renfrew and the price tag was no where even close to being in my budget.  Oh well, I think I did pretty good anyway!

This weekend I'm heading to Halifax for my annual sister's trip.  I have 3 sisters and we try to get away for a little sisters only trip.  This year we thought we'd keep it simple and go to Halifax.  It's going to be hard to resist shopping again because that's what the sisters are wanting to do on Saturday...yikes!  Wish me luck!


  1. Love that dress Michelle!!! Glad you had some fun!!

  2. Thanks! I finally got to wear on Friday night - we went out to Lot 30 for our anniversary. I think he's starting to warm up to it :) Let's just say he wasn't an instant fan of it!