Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Closet Cleanse & My Toronto Clothes Shopping Wish List

So instead of cleansing myself from sugar, dairy and all those other dietary devils, I decided to keep the chocolate and detox my closet instead.  Way more satisfaction then giving up my beloved KitKat!

As mentioned in my previous post I'm heading to Toronto this weekend and I can not wait to get there!!!  I'm attending my first IMATS!!!  OMG, so excited.  But more on IMATS later...

Before the show starts on Saturday, I have half of Thursday and all of Friday to do some clothes shopping!

I had kind of talked my self out of shopping for clothes on this trip, but the more I thought about what's in my closet, I realized I really need to get a handle on what I love in there and what I don't love and never wear.  Or let's face it, what I should NEVER wear again.  Stained and ripped - gotta go, and how did you get in there in the first place?  Stuff that shrunk, yes shrunk, cause I know I could not possibly have gained weight :P - is outta there too.  Ugly shirts? gone.  Too tight pants and floppy capris, I don't know why I bought you in the first place!?  Oh I can be such a sucker some times.  But I vow to stop with the impulse buying.  I don't care how much clothes I have, I just want beautiful, timeless clothes that make me feel good and look good when I wear them.  Not like a sausage.  Not like like I'm from the 90's either!  Why did we wear such sort shirts???  Who wants to see our bellybuttons???  Sorry Shania Twain.

So here is my pile that I'll donate to the Canadian Diabetes Red Bin program today (before my husband gets home!).
Please don't judge me by some of the ugly clothes that some how found their way into my closet!  I really don't know how they got there.

When you get rid of all the crap in your closet, its much easier to see the stuff you love and the pieces that really look good on you.  I always hated standing in my under wear looking at all the clothes hanging in my closet and still feeling like I got nothing to wear.  BUY LESS JUNK AND INVEST IN TIMELESS PIECES YOU LOVE.  Sorry to cyber yell, but sometimes I just need a little reminder.

So here is what my newly edited closet looks like.

The bins hold sweaters and knitwear, and stuff I don't want to get ruined by hangers.  Each bin is labeled and colour coded.  My closet system is the wire type and my high heeled shoes kept falling between the wires so I lined them with cardboard.  When I get a chance I'm going to cover the card board with some pretty paper.

I have my jewellery hanging from a belt hanger, or maybe it was a tie organizer, I can't remember.

  So jeans and skirts are on the bottom, of course, and tops are colour coordinated on top.

 And I had to invade my husband's side to hang my dress pants and dresses.

So here is my wish list for new clothes!!!  Drum roll.....

These 7 for All Mankind, pull on jeggings.  This maybe a mistake, I dunno, I'm I too old (34) for jeggins?  What do you think???
 And a pair of black motorcycle type boots.  This happens to be a pic from J Crew, but there's no J Crew in Toronto, I don't think.

And I have always wanted a black leather jacket, and I LOVE Mackage jackets.  And since it's our 10 year wedding anniversary on the 25th, my awesome husband said if I found one I loved it would be my anniversary gift from him.  Leather IS what your supposed to get on the 10th anniversary right?!

And I just love this camel coloured wool jacket from Mackage, don't you?  I'm not buying it, just sayin' it's pretty :)

So that's it for clothes!  Tomorrow I'll let you know what my wish list for makeup is.  WARNING:  you'll need to be sitting in a comfy chair, it may take awhile ;0



  1. you can totally pull of the jeggings-lorraine style :)

    i looove your blog, michelle.
    expect plenty of comments

  2. I think your neice might have wished she could have rummage through those clothes! :)

    I love those boots.

    As for jeggings, I think YOU can pull it off... BUT they are not for everyone. If there is jiggle there should be no jeggings... just saying.