Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Panache PEI Model Fall Photo Shoot

Wow!  It's been such a busy month.  From boudoir photo shoots, IMATS, a trip to Halifax... I thought November was supposed to be slow for makeup artists!  But I'm not complaining, I love every minute of it.

Last Thursday and this past Monday, I did makeup for the Panache PEI Model photo shoot.  These photo shoots are so much fun and I just love being involved!

There were 12 models on Thursday night and 19 models of Monday night.  This is part of their modelling course and is used to build up their professional portfolios.

So here's the scoop on the photo shoot.  There's 3 photographers set up across the city and at the Panache PEI studio there are 3 makeup artists and 3 hairdressers.  We're set up to transform each of the models for all 3 of the different looks - natural face, eye wear, and a modern Marie Antoinette look.

All of the looks were fabulous but I really loved the Marie Antoinette look.  It had tons of colour on the eyes, cheek and lips.  So awesome!  I can't wait to see some of the photos!!!

I don't have any of the photos yet, but I can share some of the photos from the Panache PEI Model photo shoot that I worked on this past summer.  The 3 photographers from last summer were Katelyn Fraser, Mark Anthony, and Patrick Callbeck.  The 3 themed looks were natural, sculptural modern minimalist, and broken down circus.  Here are the fab models, they were so amazing to work with!







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