Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Femme Blush

I've heard a lot about La Femme blushes over the past year.  Like how intensely pigmented they are and how they are really reasonably priced.  A lot of makeup artists rave about these blushes and I've only heard positive reviews, so I've been dying to try them out.  So when I ordered my z palettes I also decided to get the La Femme blush palette.

Everything I've heard about these blushes are true!  They are crazy pigmented.  You barely need to swipe your brush against the blush to and it picks up loads of product, and the colour payoff is amazing!  And since this palette is really designed for professional makeup artists, I love that it is designed with all cool colours on the top row and all warm colours on the bottom row.  That makes it so convenient for colour selection when designing a makeup look.

Here are the colours swatched on my arm, starting with the top row.  And by the way, I hardly used any product for these swatches, they are so intense!  You really want to use a light hand when you are applying these blushes.

And these are the warm blushes from the lower row...
(Sorry for the hairy arm photos...never realized how hairy my arms look!)

And the cherry on top, this palette with 12 blushes is only $46.99US.  Compare that to MAC's pro blush pan which is $16.50US each, a palette this size with MAC blushes would cost you about $198US.  So the La Femme blushes are a steal!  And they have better colour pay off then most of MAC's blushes.   I would give La Femme blushes an A+!


  1. put the names of the blushes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It should be on the bottom of the pan.