Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Makeup Palettes!

I love makeup.  No shocker there, right?  And I love to organize.  So, you can just imagine how I feel when these two things are combined!  Oh yes, nirvana baby!

I just opened up my latest purchase and I'm freaking out!  Why didn't I own these before?  Why????  Ok, I'll tell you what I got, I purchased 2  Z Palettes.   One in black and one in zebra print.

Have you heard of these?  They are a makeup artist's dream come true.  It's a makeup palette with a clear, see through cover.  So you can see what's inside your palettes!  Before, I had all my MAC eyeshadows and blushes in the MAC palettes.  Which is nice because they are all contained in one palette but the big draw back to MAC's palettes are that they are not see through and if you have a lot of palettes (which I do) you have to open them all up in order to see what's in side.  A total pain in the neck.  But not with the Z Palette!  *  However, I was at the MAC store this weekend and the manager was telling me that MAC is coming out with a new style palette, similar to the quads with the clear cover and they should be available sometime this summer.  Nice!

So I got right to work and emptied out my old MAC palettes and reorganized them into my new Z palettes.  I still have 2 MAC palettes left in my kit so I'll either buy 2 more z palettes or I may wait to see what MAC comes out with this summer.

So here are my new palettes filled with eyeshadows:

The black palette has all my MAC light to medium tone eyeshadows...

The zebra palette has all my MAC pink, purple, silver and gray eyeshadows.  As well as some Urban Decay shades (the square ones) and Laura Mercier (the rectangle ones) and the large purple one is a Make Up For Ever eyeshadow.   That's another bonus to the Z palette, it will hold any shaped pan (circle, square, round) unlike the MAC palettes that only hold MAC sized circle pans.  And if you really need another bonus to the Z Palette over the MAC palette, it holds more pans then MAC's too.  These 2 Z Palettes replaced 4 MAC palettes.  Which means less bulk in my kit, which is awesome.

I will definitely be  adding more Z Palettes to my kit.  Not just for eyeshadows,  I'd like to have my blushes in a Z Palette too so I can easily see all my shades.


  1. Is there anywheres on pei to buy MAC products?

  2. Hi kaylamm_16
    Unfortunately there isn't a place to buy MAC on PEI. The closest place is in Halifax at the Halifax Shopping Centre or you can always buy online.