Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MAC's Jeanius Collection Spring 2011

MAC comes out with so many different collections, it's hard to keep track of them all.  But every once in a while, there's one that really grabs you.  For some it was the Wonder Women, or the Venomous Villains collections, not so much for me thanks.  But the newest one that does speak to me, is the Jeanius Collection.  I'm a self proclaimed jean queen.  It's my wardrobe staple.  And I'm totally excited for MAC's newest collection devoted to denim!

MAC describes this collection as:
"A denim inspired collection of moody blues and indigo ink, the quantum of modern cool, with four new limited eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipglasses, blush and nail lacquer."

Check out the incredible attention to detail!  Don't you love it?!

What do you think?  Are you loving it as much as me???

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