Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Quest for Perfect Brows

I know I'm not alone on this one.  I've tried plucking, waxing, trimming, razors, pencils, stencils, powder and more.  But alas, I've never felt like I've really triumphed on getting my perfect brow.  In high school my brows looked like fury caterpillars.  Then one day I woke up and decided that I'll pluck those suckers to perfection.  But that turned into some nasty looking eyebrow hooks.   You seen that one before right?  Then I decided I needed some professional help and went to see a local esthetician who thought they'd look best in the thinest Cruella DeVille style arches.  Mmm, not so much thanks.  So after months of trying to let my brows grow back in I decided to take matters back into my own hands/tweezers.

Fast forward many years and today I'm still trying to find that perfect shape.  And that's when I found something that made my eyebrows raise (in a good way).  I was flipping through a book and I found this picture of "the perfect eyebrow"

I love it, and this is my new brow goal.  We all need to set goals, some are loftier then others, but lets not judge!  Seriously though, the shape is beautiful don't you think?

Ok so here is my before brows:

Not bad, but compared to the sketch, they are a little "rainbow arch" shaped, don't ya think?

So I've been growing them out (had to hide the tweezers on myself) for the last few weeks.  Here they are in all their shaggy glory:

I like my left brow, pictured first, way better then my right one which is pictured 2nd below.  Crazy how your brows can look so different.  They say your brows aren't supposed to be identical twins but mine don't even look related!  Maybe they're 2nd cousins...

So the goal is to let them grow out so I can reshape them from scratch.  I'll keep you posted on my brow quest 2011.  I'm sure you'll be hanging on the edges of your seats :)

And while I'm waiting for my hairs to grow in, I'd love to hear about your brow stories...post a comment below about your brows.  Do you have any horror stories or are you blessed with beautiful shaped eyebrows?  Let me know.  And if any one has any brow growing miracle serum recipes please share them :)


  1. I had my eyebrows done the other night, and I told the lady, that I really wanted that shaped, peak look. She says you will never have it. You just have to work with your natural shape and texture of your brow and go with it!
    If you take too much off the top, it causes problems and if you take too much off the bottom. She said naturally shaped is the key!!
    And Michelle you are beautiful any way you look at it :)

  2. Wise advice Rhonda! And thank you for the compliment:)