Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Panache PEI Model's - 2010 Marie Antoinette Shoot

Well, I have to admit it.  I really love applying makeup for high fashion type photo shoots.  I love the creativity and the overall transformations.  When the model sees herself for the first time, I just absolutely love how it transforms them.  Initially I see some shock on their faces but then the most awesome part happens, their personality totally transforms before our eyes and they "own" the look.  I love it!!!

So needless to say I loved working on the Marie Antoinette themed photo shoot last November.  The photographer Sarah MacEachern went above and beyond with the props and creating such an amazing set. Don't you love the details?

The makeup that I used on the models for this shoot was from the Ben Nye Grand Lumiere palette.  I met Dana Nye at IMATS Toronto last November and we've been in correspondence ever since.  He asked to see the pictures from this shoot and I'm sharing with you his response via email (I just cut and pasted it from my email):

Dear Michelle,
Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
You made great use of the Lumiere.
We did not go to London.
We actually attended a Halloween trade show in Houston.
I heard it was terribly cold.
I am heading to London on the 10th.
Please give my best to Tracy.
Our meeting was truly special, and I am glad that we could assist you both.
Keep sending pictures.

Isn't that cool?  It's very exciting for me!  What do you think of the photo shoot?

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