Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Awesome Winners Find (but don't tell anyone else!)

You know when you find something amazing at a store, and your so excited about it, you almost don't want to tell anybody incase everyone rushes out to get it and your scared you won't be able to get it anymore.  Well, this is my dilemma.  Should I tell, or keep it to my self???? hmmmmmm

OK I'll tell!

I was in Winners the other day and I was poking around the beauty section and I found these...

For $8.99 you get an awesome quality set of lashes plus DUO lash glue, which is the best lash glue out there.  All the other brands of false lashes out there come with really crappy lash glue that I always just throw in the garbage.  But this is perfect!  Quality lashes with a mini tube of awesome glue!  Just make sure you leave some in the store for me please!

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