Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day!

I hope that every Mom is getting lots of love today.  I know I sure did!  My Mother's Day started last night because my husband had to leave this morning to drive to Maine due to a death in his family.

My thoughtful husband and 2 daughters planned and amazing day and a half for me.  Actually my youngest daughter, age 8, pretty much planned the entire day about a month ago.  She carried around a notepad and jotted down notes about what I would like every day for about a month.  Seriously!

This is what she planned for my breakfast...

And gift ideas.  First on the list was an iPhone, second on the list was MUFE (short for Make Up For Ever), and third was shoes and she even knew the right size!  What a smart little girl :)

And this is a list of what she thought I would like to do on my special day...
 She is such a thoughtful and sensitive little girl.  She makes me proud!

So as I mentioned, my Mother's Day festivities started with a lobster dinner last night.

Then I got breakfast in bed this morning, followed by a family hot tub with lots of snuggles, and then gift time!

My girls got my this plant. For some reason they still don't know that I kill every plant that comes close to me, not on purpose I just have black thumbs.  Wish this plant well!  It probably doesn't have that much time left...

And they also picked all this stones up from around the mail box and washed them all in the white bathroom sink.  Yup.  And then dried them off on the white towel :)

And the one thing I was crossing my fingers for and hoping like crazy to get, was an iPhone.  And hubby didn't disappoint!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I don't really have the actual phone.  Future Shop was sold out on Saturday but supposedly there will be some in on Monday.  So for now I have an iPhone brochure :)

How was your Mother's Day?  Did you get pampered?  Or did you pamper your Mom?  I'd love to hear how your day was!


  1. How lucky are you Momma!!!
    All those sleepless nights are paying off from when they were babes.

    These times and moments are to be enjoyed!!

    Glad you had a great day- Hope you save her journal for years to come!

  2. I was pampered with all my Five Children and hubby. It stated off Friday night our son got fried chicken for supper and he gave me a lovely houseplant. I had an enjoyable evening with my two granddaughters.
    Then Sat night my daughter - hubby and 2 grandsons had us over for a barbecue and it was delicious. She gave me beautiful white tulips.
    Sunday all three daughter came for dinner with their families. My oldest daughter made me a beautiful scrap book of family pictures, which was very dear to my heart and help get the dinner ready.
    Our youngest daughter could not be there but she called twice during the day to make sure I was having a good day. Part of our gift was our trip to Tampa, which I enjoyed very very much with her and her hubby and her in-laws.
    My hubby gave me white roses and several gifts.
    I was well taken care off and enjoyed the whole day with my family and family is all that matters to me.

  3. HI Rhonda! I am a lucky momma, we're very blessed! Hope you had a wonderful day too! I will be saving that journal! I love how much work she put into it, and how she spelled all those big words!

  4. Hi Mom,
    Yes it was a great family day wasn't it! Your a wonderful Mom! Love you xo