Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Need Your Design Advice

I'm currently redoing my office/studio with the help of Susan Snow from Moving Designz.  I'm so excited, I can hardly wait for it to be completed!  All the furniture and lighting is ordered, the new paint colour has been selected (now just need to hire a painter) and now I'm just working on some of the smaller details like the decorations and stuff like that.

I ordered these two paintings from Etsy and they just arrived on Saturday.  But I can't decide on how to frame them.  Should I go with white mat and frame or white mat and black frame?  Some of the new furniture like the side board and credenza are white and then the desk is a very dark stained wood and there are 2 black Barcelona chairs.  Please tell me what your opinions are!

This is a 8 x 10

This one is a bit larger and odd sized...

Then my other big decorating dilemma is what to do with Clarence?!

Should I spray him all white or maybe all black so he matches the room, or would he just look like a blob?  Or should I leave him alone and send him down to the basement to the kids playroom?  What do you think?


  1. Wow... that's a dilema for clarence... hmmm... hard to know..

  2. What colour are your walls going to be painted. They guy who did ours was terrific! If you are going with anything other than white I would go with white frames/ matts to keep them looking fresh. I really LOVE those prints!! Not sure what to do with your 'pet' though. Good luck with that one!

  3. We're painting the walls Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore (selected by Susan Snow). Its an off white with a blue/gray tint. I'm loving the prints too. I've been leaning toward the all white combo, especially sine the prints are so feminine...
    We don't have a painter yet, I'd love to know who you used!

  4. through Turquoise Shed who helped me design both my office, studio, and client area with lots of goodies from Moving Designz of course! Painters name is David Gallant work(902) 367-0025 mobile (902) 629-0931 He'd be happy to go over and give you a quote. Well worth not having to do it myself! Been there done that!

  5. Thanks Louise, I'm going to call him in the morning! I'm really bad at paint trimming!