Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make Up For Ever Haul - May/11

I just purchased a whole wack of stuff from MUFE and I thought I'd share some photos of the products I purchased.

I needed to restock my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in my kit (3 will go in my professional kit, the other 2 are for my personal use!)

So excited to try out the Face & Body formula!  I also purchased the HD Elixir, I was a bit surprised at how small the bottle was.  Hopefully a little will go a long way.  We shall see...

An empty 12 slot case, which I plan on putting the new lipsticks into so I can see all my lip colours without needing to open up a palette.

OOops!  upside down photo!  Oh well, 2 Aqua Smoky Lash mascaras.  LOVE THEM!!!

Some new brushes.  I'm a little disappointed in the 25N foundation brush.  The ferrel (metal part) is loose and wiggles back and forth.  So I'm going to have to return that :(

 Aqua lip liners.  These are supposed to be water proof I believe, so that will be great for my bridal work!

Oh baby!  My favourite part...look at these beautiful lipsticks!!!  I just smile when I see this picture, something about all those pretty colours that makes me feel so happy :)

Yay lipsticks!!!!

I can't wait to swatch out these lip colours and tell you all what I think of them!  It was a big investment and I'm hopping for a big payoff!  Thanks for reading!

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